Friday, February 26, 2010

Lipbalms :)

I've never came across anyone on youtube talking about lipbalms in general, so I thought it would be great to give my opinion on them. I thought this would be an appropriate time to discuss these because about two days ago there was a chopping block scare. You know when they go to discontinue scents? ALL the solid perfumes were on the fond farewell's page. I was like "I HAVE TO MAKE A VIDEO NOW TO LET PEOPLE KNOW!" So now that the scare is over, i can now plan out what I have to say.

I don't have many of these because just recently, about five months ago, they lowered the prices of the lip balms. with the lip balms, they used to cost about $8.95 and went down to $6.95

First off, I never taste anything from the lip balms.
My favorite is Honey Trap, it's got the same scent as Mange too massage bar as well as chox away soap. To me, it smells sort of playdoughy as well as minty. As you know, scents alter within products, so some products won't smell the same as others, but essentially their the same scent. The ingredients include oat infusion, almond oil, peppermint oil, white chocolate, olive oil, wheatgerm oil, honey, sweet orange oil and vanilla absolute. The texture is very thick for me, almost like lemony flutter. I personally feel that this lip balm is very long lasting for me as well as moisturizing. I can put it on during the night, and I can still feel it in the morning. I do feel that my lips get sort of tingly, due to the peppermint oil in it. The bad thing about it though is that I don't wear it out because like I've always said, I don't like scents that other people can smell or I feel like they're judging me thinking I smell or something :S

Next is Chocolate Whipstick. Chocolate whipstick is supposed to smell like "chocolate oranges" but to me it smells like a Tootsie Roll. It's got similar ingredients to Honey trap, excluding the peppermint oil and it includes tangerine oil, orange oil and cocoa absolute. It goes to show how little ingredients to alter the scent and texture of a product. In my opinion the texture of this is much like mousse, and it doesn't really glide on to my fingers like other lip balms do, but it comes in a clump. It does leave your lips sort of brown tinted, but not "pure brown". I don't like this one for the reason that for me, it's hard to apply. For the time being on my lips, it is moisturizing and slick, but when it starts to wear off, it dries up my lips.

None of your beeswax is the second vegan lip balm that i've tried from lush. the first being let them eat cake which was the first. It's extra virgin coconut oil, fresh lemon infusion, mandarin oil and vanilla absolute. It's got a scent like a dreamsicle but lemon scented. Similar to each peach massage bar. The one reason I hate using vegan lip balms is because they both have an abrasive texture. Probably because the melting and cooling process is different, but I don't like anything that is abrasives on my lips, besides lip scrubs. I find that it defeats the purpose of being a lip balm because if your lips are being exfoliated, wouldn't you have to wipe the product off? I find it annoying, so that's why I don't use this one too much.

Lite lip lip balm. I only got this because they were being discontinued and the first ingredient is a marshallow herb. In it is Apricot kernel oil, corn oil, olive oil, rose absolute, I find this one to be more like a gloss, than a real balm. It gives off a slick feeling, but it doesn't moisturize my lips heavily.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I really need to start planning on what I say..

Alright, I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm going to start planning out what to say on my videos, since I waste 3 hours just making a video and I keep forgetting what to say. So for tomorrow, this is what I'm planning to say for one of the videos! :)

Hey everyone! So today i will be talking about products, or gift boxes that are good as gifts for those who have never tried lush before. First off, I would advise not getting a gift box. Gift boxes from lush are fairly expensive, and they usually cost more than when the products are bought individually. Unless you buy a gift box during christmas, or holiday times it's not worth it because you most likely get a 15% discount coupon on all round gifts. I've seen someone people on the forums who have, but it's hit or miss.

Second, lush's packaging is also very hit or miss. Some things come as a MESS in the box, but others come packed very neat and clean. I would not suggest getting a large gift box, unless you've checked it yourself to see if anything is broken or not. Personally, I like to buy everything separately andeither wrap it myself, or have it gift wrapped in cellophane ($3.95). You get to control the amount of cuttable stuff added into the package, like the soaps.

UNLESS you know what the person likes, whether it be florals, fruity, or earthy scents, I would probably aim for items that are less prone to be an offensive smell. I would also probably want to know if this person you're giving the gift to, if they like to take bathes. As you know, many people find that taking baths as "sitting in your own dirt" so this is crucial to know when buying products.

Products I reccomend for gifts -
-Sweetie soap stack -
the reason for this one is because it's got 2 out of 3 best sellers, It's a bit cheaper than buying them seperately, because they are weighed at the lush factory. That's good because no matter how much each bars weigh, they still stay at the same price.
For example -ANGELS DELIGHT SOAP- This soap weights 124 grams, which in stores they would usually charge you for that extra 24 grams, because they weigh it, but when it's already packaged, they wont.
- Buttercup gift box You're paying about 4 dollars for the packaging.
Think one is nice because theres only two products, which are also best sellers. I often feel bad when people recieve a small gift from me, but the wrapping paper is also cute so it adds to the appeal. Just be aware to let the person know that butterball is full of cocoa butter bits so they don't freak out :)
- Viva Lush Vegas
I find this one to be the most versatile out of many boxes, because not only does it have a sweet product, but it also have floral and citrus. It's a good box for those who like florals, because it includes PYCR massage bar which is exclusive to the gift.

I would not reccomend skin or haircare, because it's a personal preference.
For soap, if I didn't know what the other person would like, I would buy maybe 3 chunks of soap at $5 each with different scents. For example, Ice blue, Sexy Peel and honey I washed the kids. or Sultana, demon in the dark and god mother. It's just a good mix of scents to give, and you won't have to spend $10 on a chunk of HIWTK that they probably would dislike.

As for bath bombs, butterball is always a good one, so is big blue. You might want to warn whoever you're giving this too that theres stuff inside and you might want to give it to them socked before use. That's also a bad thing with their bombs because the best ones always have some obnoxious stuff in there and most people are turned off by that type of thing. Avobath and sex bomb are also two popular ones, but one is citrus and one is floral, two scents that people are sensitve too.

Bubble bars are harder because they contain SLS in them which dries out skin and is more likely to irritate skin. I would be careful and not add this one as a gift, but if you had to, i feel that ma bar or the comforter is best. Ma bar is a nice chocolatey honey scent, but might turn off people due to the color change. Comforter is a good one because it's a large bubble bar and it has a nice cream and currant note. some people feel that this scent smells like 'cat pee'.

you can always add a melt, but I find those are pretty luxury, so it's your decision to pay for the price or not.
Same thing goes for lush's lotions which are also pretty pricey.

Massage bars are GREAT for winter or dry skin. Definately not something you'd give to someone in the spring or summer, as they're pretty greasy. I think each peach, as well as soft coeur and SFF are pretty harmless scent wise. I know some people find that SFF has a "strawberry yogurt vomit" scent, but I haven't really heard anything bad on each peach or soft coeur.

Shower jellies are sometimes hard to give because most people don't even know how to approach using it. I would leave it out, unless you let them know how to use it. Most people find that it falls down the drain and are freaked out by the texture. I am sure this is great as a kids gift, but for older friends, this isn't the greatest idea. Awesome as a gag gift though.

The last is shower gels. All of them have very dominant strong smells, so it's hard to pick which one would be nice for someone. You should ask their preference, if you do buy them a shower gel.

So that's it, and I hope you enjoy :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

I know it's been awhile!

i know I haven't been updating awhile! I'm sorry, it's justthat I haven't been motivated by updating this blog lately. I would LOVE to write up reviews, but I'm just too lazy to write paragraphs and stuff like that.

From now on, I may upload videos of bath cocktails here, because my tub is yellow, so I don't like showing it on youtube.

So tonight, I thought that I'd melt up some massage bars. Heavanilli & SFF is to die for! Each peach and SFF tonight! :)