Monday, January 11, 2010

I know it's been awhile!

i know I haven't been updating awhile! I'm sorry, it's justthat I haven't been motivated by updating this blog lately. I would LOVE to write up reviews, but I'm just too lazy to write paragraphs and stuff like that.

From now on, I may upload videos of bath cocktails here, because my tub is yellow, so I don't like showing it on youtube.

So tonight, I thought that I'd melt up some massage bars. Heavanilli & SFF is to die for! Each peach and SFF tonight! :)


  1. tub is BLUE. I got ya beat.

    I bet your yellow tub does not look like some of the disgusting tubs people show on youtube. I don't care what color it is, it should be clean.
    I get sick at how some of them look.

    Colored tub people should unite. My house is very old and it was too costly for my DH family to change the tub out. Oh yea, its me Maureen from LI.

  2. Maureen! Hey :)

    Yes, my house is also very old, guess colored tubs were in back then, haha.

    hope to speak to you soon! :)

    - jennifer