Monday, October 12, 2009

Holiday review Draft

These reviews are just some of my thoughts on the holiday products, this will be updated as I accumulate more holiday products, but for now, I'll just review the ones I've used.
Pictures and ratings will come later. (it's almost midnight!)

Candy Cane -
This holiday inspired bubble bar is like the first cousin of creamy candy. Dressed up in pink and white swirl, it's exactly like creamy candy without the cocoa butter chunks. I absolutely love this bubble bar. Usually I don't like the rockstar family scent, but this one is no doubt, the best. The scent is strong and sugary. The only was I can describe it, is similarly scented to 'Aquolina's pink sugar' perfume. The bubble bar makes great bubbles with just a third of the bar, will repurchase as many I can get my hands on.

Strawberry Santa shower jelly -
It's a shower jelly that's out for the holidays. It's a jolly red color and actually shaped like Santa! It's got a chemically, sweet, artifical strawberry scent. It has the same scent as the retro bubble bar 'Two Timing Tart'. I don't remember much about this one, althought from what I remember, it was VERY rubbery. I liked this as a foam soap though, as it was hard to scrub on to my shower pouf. I'd still repurchase it, as the scent was sort of appealing to me.

Holiday bubble bar -
A red bubble bar coated with red glitter. Don't be fooled, it's not another sunny side. Theres no glitter inside the bar as well, so it wont give the same effect. It's strongly scented with cloves and florals, it's supposed to smell like a spicy carnation. (didn't even know carnations had a scent!) With the same scent as potion lotion, it's scent is aquired. It has a weird note, I don't know what it is, it just smells - well, weird. It makes GREAT bubbles though. I used to use a spa machine with all my bubble bars, and this bubble bar didn't need any at all! I won't be suprised if many people don't end up liking this. Holiday's scent isnt very sweet, and I don't like spicy scents that aren't balanced out with sweetness.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel -
This shower gel is VERY popular. Within a few days, all of it is off the store's shelves. I have no problem buying a few 500ml, because it is about $5 less than the rest of the large sized shower gels. At first, I was smelling this at with a friend at the store, and we both agreed it didn't smell too nice. The next time, I got this in the 'snow fairy' gift during the 75% off sale. (I believe it costed me only $3-4) I LOVE the scent of this. It reminds me of this thai cream soda syrup we put into crushed ice. The scent is just like, candy fluff, MMM melt and godmother soap, there is also a snowfairy solid perfume comming out and another, fruiter version of MMM melt for christmas. It's got a very sweet scent, something close to Robotussin bubble gum medicine. The shower gel has lovely blue glitters in each bottle, and no it doesn't last on your skin.

Mr Butterball -
The same as butterball except it's shaped. It's actually a little bit bigger than the original and yet it costs a dollar less than butterball too. It's a GREAT buy. I would suggest if you like butterball, stock up now! Like always, butterball isn't going to be an "OH, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH" bath type of thing, it's just to moisturize the bath. I cocktail this with anything, just to add some moisture. It's subtle, and not over powering at all.


  1. Holiday is THE best!! I think its my favorite winter bath treat. To me the scent is very sweet, yet there's something sophisticated about it.

  2. Awe lucky! I wish I liked it because it makes so many bubbles!

  3. Everyone has raved about Snow Fairy, plus I know you rave about it in your videos often. I picked one up today and am loving it! :)