Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ocean Salt

Rating - *** (3)
Price - *1/2

Ocean salt is apparently, is one of the best selling products that Lush offers. In my opinion, it definately isnt.

Ocean salt is a face and body scrub. It comes in two sizes, which is reasonable because obviously not many people are going to pay money for the larger size, aka $34. If you are curious about ocean sat, definately ask for a sample or if you want to purchase it, go for the smaller size. The smaller size takes ages to use up if you only use it for your face. The larger bottle is more for body use, rather than facial use.

First of all, initially, I bought a small size of ocean salt, and it worked pretty nicely on my face, but $20 for a facial scrub? No way, I'll stick to my St Ive's apricot scrub. I don't care how great it is, if I have to spend let's say, $40 a year rather than $15, that's ridiculous!
By the way, many people find this product very hard to use or hate it because they are using it wrong.
- mix the WHOLE thing. I've recieved so many complaints of ocean salt scratching their faces off because it's so hard, because they're litterally putting raw salt chunks on their face.
- Never use warm or hot water to open your pores before using this product. The salt will iritate your skin and might give you a very painful rash.

I bought a large ocean salt some time ago, and I haven't used it since I bought it. I was supposed to use it on my body, but now I stick to the A sugar scrub. It exfoliates so much better than OC and it cost way less for about 5-6 uses. Not to get too carried away, but if you're looking into buying a body exfoliator without moisture, definately get the sugar scrub than the ocean salt.

Ocean salt is also very drying, so if you have dry skin, try not to use this too often, while more combo to oily skins like myself, can use this product up to twice a week. Make sure you don't over do it, or you'll strip the natural oils in your face.

I gave this product a generous three stars is because I do use this in unison with Lemony Flutter, a cuticle butter lush sells for about $14. The cuticle butter is quite pricey, so I also use helping hands, or any very moisturizing product you have on hand. (you can even use a massage bar)
For this hand treatment, you liberally coat your hands with whatever you're using and rub together. Then add the ocean salt and exfoliate at the same time.
After you feel like it's time, just rinse off. (you'll definately need a towel if you're using lemony flutter, it's very greasy) voila! the reveal of very soft and supple hands.

Overall review - Won't be buying again, no matter how much other's rave about it. Truly, a waste of my money.

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  1. Don't really agree with this, as I think Ocean Salt is great- but that's just my opinion.

    Great Review x