Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holiday Special- Angel's Delight Soap

Angel's Delight Soap

Rating- ****1/2

This review is based on the PALM base. I can't predict what it will smell or look like this year with the rapseed base.

Before getting a real taste of this soap, I got a 150 gram sample (sample!) at the mall. The soap itself is to reflect the colors in a kaleidoscope. I tried to treasure every piece of this sample because my main store was sold out of it and I had no idea when the next time I would come to this mall.

Thank goodness for the 75% off sale that occured. (Just an FYI, not every lush christmas is the same, so this 75% off thing might not happen this year.) Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to order all the things I was looking forward to buy, but Angel's Delight was only $1.49 a piece! It was originally, 5.95 per slice. I spent 40 dollars on 20 bars of angel's delight with shipping.

When I got the box, to my dissapointment, they all looked identical. The reason I bought so many bars was to be amused by all the colors they come in! Not this batch, they all were bright pink with glitter on them. Overall this soap smells to me like fruit punch. Either fruit punch or a very fruity, sweet and childish drink. Angel's delight is a glycerin soap, which is assumed to be very low lathering. Don't let it fool you! It is the highest lathering soap I've ever used from lush. Just three swipes and I have enough to lather my whole body with HIWTK's six swipes.

I decided to take off half a star for rating because this soap is also the highest melting soap I've had from lush. I now am left with 10 bars of soap. and the other day I opened a new bar and it melted from half the size within a week. It's really a shame, but if you love bright colored soaps, and a sweet fruity scent, you will love this!

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