Wednesday, September 16, 2009 :)

Hello everyone. :) I started off with the youtube username of Heavanilli, the vanilla massage bar in late Feb of 09. As of June, I reached over 700 subscribers and espcially, being subscribed to by LUSH Cosmetics' youtube (Obviously, a big achievement in my book!). However, a personal matter arrived and I had to close my account. I'm back now on (aka the retro shampoo.)

Here, I will do all my in depth lush reviews, as I can't really express myself within a 10 minute window frame on youtube. I had two other blogs, but I couldn't keep up with them as I used to take pictures of lush cocktails I did. In the end, it just became a hassle.

My Rating System :
***** - Amazing, staple for life.
**** - Good, but it still has it's cons.
*** - It's alright, but I'd consider buying it again
** - Not the best. but I wouldn't be offended if I got it as a gift
* - I hate it, I'd throw it out or swap it ASAP.
Then there are also 1/2's as I can't decide.

The Pricing system
$$$$$ - Great value!
$$$$ - Still good, but not great
$$$ - Meh, I don't think it's THAT worth it.
$$ - Ridiculous pricing.
$ - What a waste of money.

My first review will be Avobath Bath bomb

Lush NA pricing : $5.80/5.95 for 6.3oz

Rating - *****
Price - $$$$

All LUSH bath bombs are a bit pricey for what they're really worth. Heck, I can go on etsy and buy a 8oz bath bomb for only $3-4 dollars. Though, this bath bomb is my ultimate favorite, so I will keep repurchasing.

Avobath was the first bath bomb I used from LUSH back in december 08. From first glance, it's nothing like the picture. It's a very pastel green colored bomb, and not as "sparkly" as the picture shown to the right. It smells like lemongrass, and being half thai, lemon grass is an essential in thai cooking. ( Thus meaning, I love the smell of it)

Avocado oils and butters are included in this bath bomb which creates very moisturizing water. It also is good for your hair, so be sure to dunk your hair in it :) So there we go, a moisturizing bath for body and hair. What else could be intruiging? I'll tell you, fine golden shimmer. I didn't notice this the first time I bathed in avobath, probably because I was too excited. For the same reason people buy Sunny Side bubble bar which is bought to give the water a golden shimmer (retailing for 5.95 per bar) you can have it all in one bath for half the price of buying a bath bomb and a bubble bar.

I find this bath bomb very versatile as you can cocktail this with almost every other bath bomb or bubble bar. My favorites are :

Snow drops/ Ice hotel + Avobath = Mint and citrus
The comforter + Avobath = Fruit Loops
Sunny side + Avobath + you've been mangoed = Citrus, citrus, and more citrus.
Vanilla fountain + Avobath = Citrus Creamsicle
Ceridwen's Cauldren + Avobath = Herbal Citrus

I definately reccomend this bath bomb and it's one of the cheaper bombs lush sells, so it's affordable for all occasions.

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