Friday, September 18, 2009

Holiday Special - Snowcake Soap!

Rating - ****
Pricing - I don't remember, but they had a promo on it which was buy 1/4th lb and get 1/2lb free. I believe it was around 5-7 dollars per 100g though.

* This review will be based on the palm base, so the scent can be changed after the rapseed base.

The week before I got my order, I went to LUSH for the first time with my friends and I, obviously went to smell everything I ordered first on my first online order. I was not happy about snowcake. My friend, on the other hand went straight for it. I stood there, giving her that "look". The look you have on your face when you thing "that is so gross, how do you even like that?"

You either love or hate this scent. before the Lush changed the soap base, snowcake smells exactly like smitten hand cream. I first purchased this soap on my first online order. It had so many amazing reviews, I felt that if I didn't buy it I would be missing out. When I first opened the packaging, I regretted buying snowcake because it smelled exactly like a mixture of play-doh and powdered sugar. In that same order they offered a promo code in which, ever $20 you spend, you got a free holiday gift. ( I think the selection was christmas party bath bomb, lush pud bath bomb, christmas cake bath bomb, angel's delight soap, snowcake soap and mr butterball. I ended up with two christmas party's and two lush pud)

I finally used this soap with the Lush pud bath bomb (same concept as snowcake, but a warm spicy scent) I won't go into detail with Lush pud, but it turned my bath water legit brown, how appealing. I finally took my chunk of snowcake and dunked it into the water. The scent changed to a beautiful sweet, almondy icing scent. It lathered great and the scent lasted on my skin. (Scents hardly to never last on my skin!) When I came out of the bathroom, my mom was like " What's that smell?" Apparently, she likes the scent too. As of now, i'm down to a very small, unscented chunk of snowcake. Snowcake melts like every other creamy soap, so please cure it before use.

Just like jungle, this scent is different for everyone but if you wan't to know what it smells like BEFORE the rapseed base, smell smitten hand cream. I am pretty sure snowcake is going to smell like a damp crayon this christmas.


  1. I think it smells like almond icing right away this year. I seriously unwrapped it just to make sure that the delicious scent I was getting wasn't from one of the other soaps in my order. I'm not getting any off-notes at all. YMMV, of course.

  2. YAY!I'm excited to try some this year. Previously alot of people buying from the UK said it smelled like crayons and old ladies. :S