Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lush's Bath Melts

I decided that since I don't have much to say about the bath melts in the current lush range, i'd put it all into one post!

Dreamtime Bath Melt

Rating- ***(3)
Pricing- $$

This was the first bath melt I've used from lush. I didn't realize it would be so small, something for almost $6. I was so dissapointed by the size, I wanted to use it very wisely. I cut it up into three pieces, and let me tell you, it did nothing. NADA! I have very dry skin so it isn't worth buying unless I decide to use a whole melt. The scent is somewhat herbal, close to dream cream's scent. It has jasmine flowers in it, so little pieces will be floating around in the bath. No matter how much of this you put in a bath, the scent is strong and it lingers for a long amount of time. It's not my favorite, however it did feel semi-moisturizing.

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt

Rating- ***1/2
Pricing- $$
This bar has the same concept as Dream Time, however I liked it much more. Again, the size is one of the complaints, however, this melt is versatile with plenty other lush scents. Personally, I think it smells identical to lemony flutter cuticle butter. I think this goes great with avobath, sexy peel and happy hippy as a bath liquid.
Floating Island Bath Melt

Rating- ****
Pricing $$$

This bath melt is designed for 1-3 baths, and costs about 7-8.95 per melt. I like to use it 2-3 times each. This one smells like sandalwood, lemon and vanilla. I LOVE the scent of this melt, especially because it reminds me of sympathy for the skin body lotion. I find that if you crumble FI under the water, it produces a milky layer on the top of the bath, not 'bubbles' like the description says it does. I find that these melts are moisturizing, to an extent. After the sodium bicarb (basically bath bomb dust) disolves off, you get slivers of cocoa butter in it. The cocoa butter isn't a large amount, but it's just enough to be slighty moisturized with 1/3rd of the melt.

MMM Bath Melt

Rating- ****
Pricing- $$$
Again, essentially the same as floating island with a different scent. It's got the Godmother/Snowfairy scent which is a very sweet, bubble gummy, fruity scent.

Ceridwen's Cauldren Bath Melt

Rating- ****1/2
Pricing- $$$1/2
This melt is the only one that is incased in a cheese cloth to hold in the flower and oatmeal pulp. The scent is very similar to Dream time, which isn't my favorite. However, I love to use this as an in bath melt as well as in the shower! In the bath, it's definately not as moisturizing as the rest of the melt, but in the shower it is very moisturizing. In the shower, I use it just like a lush body butter, after you rinse off the soap. They are good for 2-3 uses, so as a versatile product, it's fantastic. I do believe this melt melts faster than the rest of the melts, in bath and also when left out in the heat. I keep these in the fridge for that reason.

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