Thursday, September 17, 2009

Porridge Soap

Lush's Porridge Soap
Rating - *** (3)
Pricing -$$$$$

Lush NA Pricing - $5.95 per 100g (1/4th lb)
*for all soaps at lush (unless you are ordering online), you can ask for how much soap you want, it doesn't have to be 100g.

I remember walking into a lush store with three of my friends on september 29th, 2008 to make our first trip to lush. After hearing ALL the rave about this soap, it was probably (if I remember correctly) the first soap I picked up to smell. The truckle (or whole soap mold) says "PORRIDGE" on the top is cutesy bubble letters with or atleast, what it seemed like to be little bears frolicking around it. (Get it, Goldilocks and the three bears?) I bought it because, like most people, the smell of it was just divine. Although I can't really pin point what I think it smells like, I've come up with : Coffee, oatmeal and maple syrup. The molasses in it is what should account for most of that.

When I first used this soap, I don't think I cured it. Even then, the oats were so scratchy. I looked like I was attacked my seven ferocious cats, that's how bad it scratched me. To the point, that eventually I would start bleeding. The scent does not linger at all. I had a hard time using this soap because I probably winced everytime when using it. I don't think I mentioned that I like to use exoliating soaps directly on my skin.


The soap has been reformulated, so that the oats are way less abrasive. I liked the fact that I finally can enjoy the benefits of this soap without all the wincing. A quick note about porridge is that it EASILY absorbs the scents of everything around it. Make sure you keep it far away from the slightest scents. (Mine have been sitting in a bin with spice curls for three days and the smell has already been absorbed)

The problem about this soap is that you're basically paying for 75% of oats, unless your store is lucky enough to have th truckles with the oats on top. So, you're essentially paying for what, $4 for oats and $2 for soap? (according to 100g). I think that is absolutely ridiculous. I love the scent of this stuff, but that's about all there is to it. It doesn't linger on my skin, doesn't lather well enough without a good scrub and it absorbs other smells. I use this one for exfoliating uses only, because it's one of the cheapest abrasive soaps without being heavy enough to weight $10 a pound.

I think many who are new to lush would appreciate the scent, however for me, it's not the greatest thing in the world.

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  1. Wow i am so jealouse i love lush but dont have close to what you have i have only been into it since about mths ago so im still new but i am hooked 4 sure lol one ov my faves mmm bath melt yummy